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Pie Camp: Week 3 (Apple Butter Apple Pie)

Weave and freeze this classic with a twist.

Hi Bakers!

Welcome to Pie Camp: Week 3

How have you all been enjoying Pie Camp so far? Keeping up with the weekly “assignments” should definitely alleviate some stress come Thanksgiving day/week, but the last thing they should do is bring on more panic if you feel like you are falling behind. 

The thing about all of these recipes is that they give you options. Yes, there is some planning and chill time no matter which route you take, but the recipes are great both in advance and made the morning of. Pick some to do now and save others for next year - it’s up to you.

If you enjoy baking as part of your holiday tradition but looking for a few short-cuts, then baking a frozen pie might be right for you. 

Here, you fully assemble a double-crust fruit pie up until the point of baking, but pop it into the freezer instead of the oven. Come Thanksgiving morning, bake the frozen pie and enjoy scents of cinnamon and apple all day long (until they succumb to wafts of roasted turkey, of course).

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